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A coarse-grained, igneous rock with an even color and texture. It is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar along with small amounts of mica, hornblende and other minerals. Granite is formed by molten rock material underneath the Earth's surface. As it rose, it was cooled and put under tons of pressure for millions of years, allowing it to form a unique crystalline granular structure. As the quartz, feldspars, micas and other minerals mold into the rock, the granite gets its beautiful contrast of pattern and color.

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Solid large bloacks of granite that are as up to 50 feet tall are removed from mountain quarries around the world in countries such as Brazil, India, Italy, Africa and China. After removal, the blocks are drilled and cut into smaller blocks for transportation.Upon being sent to granite stockyards, they are cut to a desired slab thickness. Slabs are then coated with resin to minimize the amount of surface pits and fissures in addition to sealing the stone to reduce porosity. Diamond polishing tools are also used on the surface of the granite to bring out the pattern and color of the stone, before they are shipped.

Granite Countertops

An ideal choice for any countertop because of the incredible durability and low maintenance required to keep it looking great. Granite is virtually a scratch resistant material and you can cut directly on it without damaging the surface. Heat resistant properties of granite also let you place a hot item directly on the countertop with no damage. With the exception of occasional sealing, granite can basically be maintenance free. This makes it an excellent choice for stone countertops.

Natural Stone Care & Maintenance
All natural stones need basic care and maintenance. All stones are porous to some extent,  this is why Granite & Marble Co – TN will always seal your stone when we complete your installation. The sealant we apply will help to protect the stone from water or other liquids from penetrating the pores and damaging or staining your tops. There are a few exceptions.
Granite: Granite is generally the hardest and least porous natural stone available. If it is polished, it only requires resealing every couple of years. This is a very simple process. A liquid sealant can be purchased that is made specifically for natural stone. To apply, merely run onto stone generously and allow to dry for several minutes, then wipe of the excess. The process is very similar to applying wax to a car. For cleaning your granite, use a mild soap and water such as liquid dishwashing detergents. You may also buy a cleaner from your fabricator.
Marble: Marbles are generally less dense than granite, and therefore more porous. We do not recommend marble in kitchens, though many people have marble there. We do recommend you reseal marble once a year. For cleaning your marble, use a mild soap and water such as liquid dishwashing detergents. You may also buy a cleaner from your fabricator.
Limestone/Travertine: These stones are beautiful, but generally more porous then both granite and marble. These tend to be used for flooring, vanities or other more decorative applications. They can come either filled or unfilled. A few of these are polished to some degree, but all should be sealed, especially if they are in a high-traffic area. For cleaning, we recommend getting a stone cleaner from your fabricator.
DO NOT CLEAN WITH: Windex, bleach or any cleaner containing ammonia. Also, do not use any type of abrasive cleanser as it will strip the polish.
Our sealer is a temporary sealer. When the homeowner moves in, they must purchase a permanent sealer to apply to the countertops. It is recommended to reseal once a year.

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